HEXIS antimicrobial PUREZONE® films provide 24-hour preventive protection against bacteria and coronaviruses. Powerful and safe, if in contact with the skin. “Reactive silver ions, contained in PUREZONE® films, will quickly inhibit bacteria and coronaviruses, preventing their spread between two disinfection protocols,” says Christophe BAUDRION, Director of the HEXIS R&D laboratory department.
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Antimicrobial film-purezone by leadright


24-hour preventive protection against bacteria and corona virus

Antimicrobial film-purezone by leadright

About PureZone

Anti-microbial films are multi-substrate and can be applied directly on the surface or used in layers for graphics. Attached with a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive, adhesion is immediate and becomes permanent after 24 hours. Bacteria are killed on contact, and the effect lasts for up to five years. The PURE ZONE® anti-microbial film is perfectly adaptable, offers the fast application, and is completely waterproof. Suitable for any cleaning routine, it is resistant to the majority of chemical agents, alcohol, diluted acids, oils, etc.

Antimicrobial film-purezone by leadright

Hexis Group

HEXIS SA, a major player in the production and bonding of films for visual communication celebrates 30 years of innovation in 2019! The French company specializes in the production and distribution of high-end cast PVC, PU, and latex films. It innovatively develops ranges of products intended for digital printing professionals, letter painters, sign posters, designers, and companies specializing in textile marking.

Antimicrobial film-purezone by leadright

PUREZONE® Antimicrobial film

Performance and Protection Anywhere, Anytime
Antimicrobial film-purezone by leadright

The 4 PUREZONE® film finishes

Performance and Protection Anywhere, Anytime

Gloss Finish


Matte Finish


Texture Leather Finish


Texture Wood Finish

Antimicrobial film PURE ZONE® leadright uae
Salmonella enteric0%
Listeria monotonousness0%
Staphylococcus aureus0%
Escherichia coli0%

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